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26 May Options for Entrepreneurial Retirement – Gaining A Real Peace of Mind

  At some point in every entrepreneur's life, they have dreamed of starting their own business. When that newly minted entrepreneur steps away from corporate employment and into the wild west of self-employment, they take on the full responsibility of their financial destiny. Gone are the...

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21 Apr Outdoor Ad Marketing Analysis

Marketing Analysis-Outdoor Ad   Product Google Ad Link Description of Ad Google worked with a variety of organizations and proprietors to bring little mini-installations to life throughout NYC. They felt that the reach was low but the fun factor was pretty high. Google placed factoid quotes that were...

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18 Apr Magazine Ad Analysis

Marketing Analysis-Magazine Product Green Coffee Bean Extract Ad Link Description of Ad: Package looking very similar to McDonald’s fries with the French fries set on fire. The caption is “burn fat” with sub caption is “don’t just prevent fat. Burn it” What was the appeal or technique...

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18 Apr News Paper Ad analysis

Marketing Analysis-News Paper   Product: Stihl Yard Equipment: Edgers Ad Link Description of Ad: The ad appears to be a newspaper article however it has been trimmed on the side by a Stihl edger just like you would trim your yard. What was the appeal or technique used to...

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18 Apr TV ad analysis

Marketing Analysis-TV   Product: HBO Awkward Family Viewing TV Ad Link: Spot #8 Description of Ad: Millennial age daughter watching a racy scene of HBO’s TV show Girls. While she is watching it, dad walks in eating popcorn and he stops to watch the scene with his daughter....

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22 Mar Radio Ad Analysis

Marketing Analysis- Radio   Product: Old Spice – “Momsong” Radio Ad Link: Description of Ad: This ad won the best of show Grand Prize presented by Mercury Awards in 2014. The ad is set to music that I would place it somewhere between a ballad and a gospel...

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