Alicia Sisk Morris CPA | Testimonials
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Peg Codington – Practice Manager Asheville Family & Sports Medicine

“I have known Alicia since 2005. I hold her in high regard for her Industry knowledge, work ethic and character.  She has extensive knowledge of that sector, and has formed a strong network and solid relationships with her Clients. She genuinely cares and facilitates professional growth for her Clients. Alicia is a 1st Class professional!”


Steve Menhennett- President Menhennett Performance Alliance

” I have known Alicia for many years and she is professional, proactive, a great communicator. I highly recommend Alicia.”


Carol Garner – Owner Supreme Skin

“Alicia is a pleasure to work with. She takes her job seriously – and so she gets excellent results. She a team person, company oriented and very friendly – always upbeat with a great attitude”


Debbie Eckart- Vice President Kimmel & Associates

“Alicia is a dedicated professional. She is service oriented and works diligently in service to her clients to ensure that everyone benefits and advances as a result. She is great to work with and a wonderful person to know.”


John A – YELP Review

“This CPA has done my taxes for years. She understands the tax laws and the updates and I almost always get a refund. She is very through in going over my information and finds refunds I did not know I get. Way better than H&R Block or Turbo tax. Her services are well worth the money.”


Laura A. Carson – Retired Exxon Marketing Professional

Alicia has done my taxes for years. She is very professional and very knowledgeable about the tax laws. She takes classes each year to assure that she is up to date on any changes to the tax laws. I used to do my own taxes but once I let Alicia do them it was such a relief. I no longer had to worry if I had done them correctly. I know that she will do them correctly.


Rose Marie Vieira – Owner of Event Horizons Photography

I have had the pleasure of being present at presentations given by Alicia. She is articulate, interesting and presents timely topics. At a recent speaking engagement to our FemFessionals group, I believe every last one of us learned something new and were enlightened about a few things we didn’t know about before that day! It is great that someone of her caliber is willing to impart her wisdom with the rest of us non-numbers folks!
Thank you Alicia!


Emma Churchman – Business Coach at Emma M Churchman, LLC 

I just had an amazing meeting this morning with Alicia Sisk-Morris to lay out my financial plan for 2016.  Alicia is a fount of knowledge when it comes to tax deductions for the self-employed.  I highly recommend her!